We strongly believe in giving a helping hand to family carers, but in order to be fully operational, we need more volunteers and donations.

We registered the Dementia Carer's Respite charity on the 23rd March this year and then the hard work began! To make a charity successful requires a great deal of time and effort as well as help and support from the community.

Like all charities, our success is heavily dependent on the generosity of people giving donations, as well as those who are able to give some of their free time in order to help with the many tasks that need doing, both now and on an ongoing basis.

These are some of the roles we are currently looking to fill as soon as possible:

  • Fund raising bid writers
  • Fundraiser with sports experience
  • Crowd funding guru /doer
  • Market stand volunteers (to set up and represent)
  • Receptionist carers' coordinator
  • Social media multiplier
  • Customer relationship management experience
  • Qualitative / quantitative surveys organiser

If you would like to pledge a monetary donation or if you are able to contribute even a few hours of your valuable time, please email us at support@dementia-respite.org.uk or complete the form below.

Kind Regards
Walid Marzouk – Chair, Dementia Carer's Respite
19th June 2023

Please provide details of donation amount, the volunteer position you would like to apply for or the reason you wish to contact us.

To all visitors of this website

As a former director of external affairs at Alzheimer’s Society, and vice chair of Alzheimer’s Disease International, I am delighted to see this vital need being recognised in Buckinghamshire. I am convinced that Dementia Carers Respite will make it happen and I ask for your support.  

Whether you are an individual or an organisation please contact us on support@dementia-respite.org.uk and let us know how you can help. I have known Walid for many years, can vouch for the great community work he has done and I ask you to support him and his worthiest of causes.

Andrew Ketteringham