Local Triathlete Supports Dementia Carers Respite

Local triathlete, Veronica Green-Jones, from Prestwood, is gearing up for an extraordinary challenge to support family carers of people living with dementia. Veronica, who works at a girls’ school in Amersham and in an art gallery in London, will be competing in the well known Blenheim Palace Triathlon 2024 on June 1st and 2nd as a ‘Weekend Warrior.’ This means she will be completing not just one triathlon, but repeating the event as many times as she can throughout the weekend, within the constraints of the event race waves times.
Veronica’s passion for triathlons began in 2018 when she competed in her first triathlon and was “bitten by the bug.”. Her promising athletic journey took a pause in 2019 when she had to withdraw from the event due to being heavily pregnant with her third child. The pandemic further delayed her return to the sport, but she made a triumphant comeback in 2022. That year, she not only competed but excelled, finishing first in her age group and as the second female overall.
Balancing her demanding schedule, which includes working and caring for her three young sons, Veronica has continued to achieve remarkable feats in the triathlon world. In 2022, she qualified for the GB Age-Group Teams in Aquathlon and clinched the top spot in her female age group at the European Aquathlon Championships in Belgium. She also emerged victorious in her age group at the British Championships held at Hever Castle last September.
Veronica’s journey to becoming a triathlete is even more inspiring considering her childhood struggles. “For someone who was really ill as a child and early teen and missed 4 years from school with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME, it gives me no end of pleasure to be fit and well. I’ve never looked back,” she says. Her personal experience with chronic illness and the intense care she received from her parents has fueled her commitment to supporting carers.
Veronica’s motivation for this year’s Blenheim Palace Triathlon is deeply personal and philanthropic. She aims to raise funds for the charity, Dementia Carers Respite, a cause close to her heart. All the money raised will be used to provide much-needed respite for family carers of people living with dementia in Buckinghamshire.
Join Veronica in her inspiring endeavor by donating to her fundraising campaign at https://bit.ly/3xZvPCJ and help make a difference in the lives of those caring for loved ones with dementia. Your support can provide a vital lifeline to these dedicated carers, offering them the opportunity to rest and recharge.

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