Congratulations to Veronica Green-Jones on an excellent triathlon effort, taking place on June 1st and 2nd at Blenheim Palace for Dementia Cares Respite. She achieved an unbelievable 8 triathlons over the 2 days, with a total of 5,300m lake swimming, 146km of cycling and c.45km of running

We are delighted and grateful for her support and commitment – charities need more Veronicas!

Here is her account of how the exciting event panned out:

"I really enjoyed the challenge of the Weekend Warrior event and here is a little race report as requested - out of 124 Weekend Warrior competitors I was third overall of all men and women of any age and first female overall. The event ran for longer on the Saturday so I achieved 5 triathlons on that day with a total distance of 3,400m of lake swimming, 93km of cycling and c.29km of running before driving back to Buckinghamshire, putting my children to bed and another 4.50 am alarm call the next morning. On Sunday, the event only ran from 8.30am - 12.30pm, but I squeezed in a further 3 triathlons bringing the weekend total to 5,300m of lake swimming, 146km of cycling & c.45km of running (including the running I had to do between the races and the lake and the transition zone). This was the maximum possible for the weekend.

It might sound hellish to some, but believe it or not I find these types of events exhilarating (maybe not the early morning alarm!).

The run from the finish of one race to the start of the next is not included in the official total running distance, but you certainly feel it haha! I love running, but am struggling with sciatica after12km at the moment so had to dig quite deep to keep going for 33km of the running total. I look at my running splits and roll my eyes, but at least I didn't have to walk! Saturday was cold and windy and Sunday felt very hot. Each temperature has its advantages and disadvantages. Running is easier in the cool, but in a wet trisuit on a windy bike ride, we all felt frozen at times
on Saturday, I think!

The event was completely made by the beautiful grounds of Blenheim and my wonderful friends who lugged a rucksack around and ferried my race number, trainers and swimming things in and out of the transition zone so I could do triathlons back-to-back. Also, the upbeat volunteers with whom I passed many a word and a wave on countless laps, as well as the very jolly compère at the end of the race. I hope she knows she is good at her job.

Thank you again for your support. My Just Giving page shall stay open until the 3rd September. It's a privilege to fundraise for such a great cause and wouldn't it be nice to hit £1000? Please give if you can."