Vacancy for a Media B2B Director / Trustee

We have an  exciting opportunity for a trustee with Media and Communications experience to develop a successful and synergistic relationship with local businesses, charities and media.

What are we looking for?

Experience in Media and B2B relationships is important, but more critical is that the applicant is hands on, with a get up and go attitude and is a team player, with the following:

  • Self-motivation and good organisational skills
  • Results orientation
  • Confidence and persuasion in public speaking and presenting
  • Excellent communication abilities.

What difference will you make?

The successful applicant will help grow and strengthen our charity, with strong relationships leading to regular sustainable support. They will also create the regular stream of funds needed to allow us to expand our level of respite services, making a huge difference to the lives of Buckinghamshire’s family carers of dementia sufferers, who work 24/7 looking after their loved ones with little respite or help.

Hours and location?

The role is flexible, part time and  is expected to require 3 to 7 hours per week, during office hours and the successful applicant will be home based. Meetings will be mainly held on Zoom with face to face meeting needed in the Amersham area 3 to 5 times a year.

To apply

Please send your CV as a separate letter by email to by 2nd April 2024. Interviews will be held shortly after, with the chairperson, by Zoom if face to face is not practical.

Not another dementia charity? Yes, but read on.

In 2022 Dementia was the leading cause of death in England and Wales, while many charities exist, doing great work, we believe that none provide the service we will be offering. We will fund professional carers to visit and provide much-needed respite to family carers at their own home.

The respite we will fund, is to protect the health and wellbeing of family carers of qualifying Buckinghamshire-based dementia patients. The carers we will provide, will be dementia-trained from organisations operating under the umbrella of the Quality Care Commission.

Many medical conditions enable patients and their families to receive Continuing HealthCare (CHC) by the NHS with financial assistance. Shockingly, dementia patients do not automatically qualify. As a result, those with means are able to seek private care, whilst many of those without, fall between the cracks and are left for a family carer to care for them.

These valuable carers are the hardest hit, often having issues of their own but trying to do the utmost for their patient. The outcome is that often they are physically and mentally exhausted, suffering a toxic mix of guilt and bereavement for the virtual loss of a loved one.

This is where Dementia Carer’s Respite comes in, as the charity that cares for the family carers themselves.

  • We are looking to form an “expert panel” of dementia family carers. If you are a practicing dementia family carer and comfortable to talk about it, we would like to talk to you.
  • We need volunteers with 5-7 hours a week to spare to help with the running of this charity. If you have skills that would benefit the charity, we would love you to join us.
  • Are you able to empathise with the desperate plight of family carers - watching their loved one virtually disappear before their eyes with the effective loss of their own life as they spend 24/7 caring for them, without even a few hours of respite? If you are, please donate - even a small amount will help.

Andrew Ketteringham, former director of external affairs at Alzheimer’s Society and Vice Chair of Alzheimer’s Disease International, says, “I am delighted to see the need being recognised in Buckinghamshire and a charity being established to meet that need”.

TV Bargain Hunt star Eric Knowles becomes patron of Bucks charity

BARGAIN Hunt's antiquarian Eric Knowles has become a patron of a new Buckinghamshire charity helping family dementia carers.

Dementia Carers Respite, an exclusively Buckinghamshire charity, aims to provide much-needed support to family carers of dementia patients in the area.

Recently registered, the organisation's mission is to preserve and protect the health and well-being of family carers by funding respite through dementia-trained carers from organizations under the Quality Care Commission.

Despite this alarming statistic, dementia does not automatically qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC), leaving many individuals and their families to seek private care at a significant cost.

While those with means can afford care at £35 per hour or £1500 per week, those without are left with limited options and rely mainly on their family and partners for care.
Founder and Chairman Walid Marzouk said: "It is the carers themselves who bear the brunt of the challenges associated with dementia care. Often dealing with their own issues, they tirelessly strive to care for their loved ones.

"However, the impact on their physical and mental well-being can be significant, leading to exhaustion and a mix of guilt and bereavement for the virtual loss of their loved one.
"Dementia Carers Respite recognizes the tremendous strain placed on carers and aims to address this issue by providing them with much-needed respite."
With donations, the charity will be able to fund professional dementia carers throughout Buckinghamshire, offering family carers the opportunity to recharge and enjoy time with friends and family or even some much-needed time alone.

In Buckinghamshire, there are an estimated 9,437 people living with dementia, with around 714 mid-stage patients supported by a family carer who may qualify for the services provided by Dementia Carers Respite.

Although the charity is still in its infancy, it has assembled an experienced board of trustees and a panel of advisors with extensive expertise in dementia and Alzheimer's.
The founder and chairman of Dementia Carers Respite, Walid Marzouk, was inspired to establish the organization after seeing a BBC news story highlighting the plight and suffering of family carers.

He added: "A BBC news item, highlighting the plight and suffering of family carers motivated me to set up Dementia Carers Respite and I hope it will spur everyone on to give and support.

"Eric Knowles & Dementia Carers Respite Trustees are delighted that TV personality Mr Eric Knowles has agreed to become our Patron. He is famous for programs such Bargain Hunt.

He hopes that the charity's establishment will encourage others to give their support.

Andrew Ketteringham, former director of external affairs at Alzheimer's Society and Vice Chair of Alzheimer's Disease International, said: “I am delighted to see the need being recognised in Buckinghamshire and a charity being established to meet that need.

Dementia Carer’s Respite Golf Event with Eric Knowles

Dementia Carers’ Respite, the charity that cares for family dementia carers themselves, hosted a Golf Day and Presentation Fundraiser on Thursday October 19th 2023, with special guest Eric Knowles, well-known TV antiques veteran.

The event took place at Harewood Downs Golf Club in Chalfont-St-Giles, Bucks, in aid of the Dementia Carer’s Respite charity.

Founded only in March this year, Dementia Carers’ Respite is all about preserving and protecting health and well-being by funding professional respite at home for Buckinghamshire’s family carers of dementia sufferers of limited means.

Following an entertaining (if slightly soggy) golf event for those participating, there was a presentation dinner which included some words about the charity by its Chair, Walid Marzouk, including its mission to lighten the burden of family carers in an environment where dementia is now the biggest cause of death in this country. It also included an after-dinner speech from the charity’s patron, Eric Knowles, who spoke movingly of his own experiences, having lost both parents to the cruel killer that is dementia.

The charity was overwhelmed by the generosity of attendees, having raised £3118 profits which will all go towards funding respite at home for dementia family carers.

To make a donation or to volunteer for the charity, go to or